These 3 characters were sculpted to represent the winning entries in a character description competition. The contest was announced in Compendium 1 and the results published in Compendium 2. Some of these were later released as part of the standard C01, 02, and 04 ranges, notably by RAFM in Canada.
All the bases have the name of the character sculpted into the front and the Games Workshop 1984 stamp underneath.  A sketch by Tony Ackland was created for each winner.

Zadul Kancoral the Necromancer

Created by Warren Harrod (Overall winner)

An apprentice of  Mordain the great Necromantic King – Zadul strikes a formidable pose.  Wearing the ‘Helm of Necromancy’ This serpentine ‘cobra’ crown allows the wearer special powers of being able to detect and control undead as well as endowing its wearer with unlimited night vision and immunity to fear.  The staff of Trollhind has the ability to see, speak and think as well as causing fear in men and dispelling skeletons.  Painted by the very talented Steve Dean

Malik Widukind

Created by Steven Blease

Compared to Prince Ardelon and Zsdul, Malik Widukind is positively pedestrian, being a penniless mercenary fighting Orcs and Goblins in barren frontier posts, We liked his adventures because they sounded like ours! Malik and his mates fall foul of ambushes, clash with Orcs and muddle through to a half-successful conclusion ‘more through luck than judgement.’ So say the competition judges.  He was originally intended to be on horseback as the initial sketch can testify.  Painted by Steve Dean

Prince Ardelon of Mardusia

Created by D Kulesar

Ardelon is a good Lawful hero whose history shows him to be addicted to dragon slaying and young princesses with an independent income. Fortunately, his shield is dragon breath proof and his sword has many magical powers including psychological Immunity.

Painted by Steve Dean