Runequest Duck Adventurer

This limited edition Runequest duck adventurer was given away via a mail-in voucher with RuneQuest box sets around 1982.

“The Durulz are bipedal creatures resembling the common duck, an association that often raises their short temper.”

Nelkark is a Rune Lord, or Death Drake of Humakt.
Sworn enemy of those who raise the undead and creatures who exist after death. Although the sword is the symbol of Hamukt, Nelkark wields an axe in battle; it’s razor sharp blade and size better suited to his frame and the task of dispatching the once-living.

Painted by Roy Scorer

Thurin Bloodboard Dwarf Trollslayer

Given away free with mail orders for Speciality Sets in September 1982. Often described as a Chaos Dwarf, but a recent discovery of a baggie version confirms the correct name.  He was advertised in White Dwarf 35 back in 1982.

Painted by Roy Scorer

Fergus The Psychotic Troll

Who else but the Perrys could inject such character into a figure!  Fergus was a giveaway in October 1982 if you spent over £10 on mail order.  The model is named after Andy ‘Fergus’ MacKay, Andy Mac was part of the mail order team in the early 80’s

Skeleton Guardsman

This halberd wielding chap was a free gift,  available if you spent £5 or more During October 1982.  Advertised on the October 1982 Releases Flyer, along with Fergus The Psychotic Troll.  This is a Ral Partha piece – as can be seen on the base, but has been converted by the talented Tom Meier who was working for Citadel at the time.

Grogus the Massive Ogre Warrior

Advertised on the November 1982 Releases Flyer together with Vargus, as well as in Military Modelling magazine, this sturdy figure was free with any order of £10 or more. The base is marked “Grogus”

Vargus The Soul Stealer

Vargus was offered as a commander figure for a Chaos Warband, which consisted of twenty different Warriors of Chaos, in November 1982.

Traveller Adventurer

This tiny 15mm figure was given away with selected Adventurer packs for Christmas 1982.  This figure was kindly given to me by the mighty Orclord – Thanks Richard!

Darkfang Fleshtearer

Darkfang Fleshtearer, The Great Goblin Hero.  This miniature was given away for free if you purchased a regiment pack of Goblins in October 1982

Darkfang is currently away getting a fresh coat of paint.

Broo Assassin

This Broo miniature was given away during October 1982 with selected Runequest box sets.  As you can see, the same body was used for the Rabbit Assassin.

Thorgrimm Branedimm

The fabulous miniature that is Thorgrimm was available through a mail in voucher in the first edition of Warhammer.  He was also the Dwarf Chieftain in the 1st Edition Warhammer scenario ‘Ziggurat Of Doom’. Wearing a coat of shining mithril and wielding the fearsome magical Warhammer  ‘Foebane’

Mail Order Santa

Full of festive spirit, Citadel decided to give this Perry sculpt away for qualifying orders during Christmas 1981 It has the words “Merry Christmas From Citadel” on the base

Gyokurinti The Strangler

This amazing figure was produced as part of the C36 range to go with the Warhammer 2nd Edition Book of Battalions. Gyokurinti was the leader of the Hobgoblins.
The front of the solid base says “Gyokurinti”. Although not a limited edition, he gets to be in this gallery as he is specifically named – and he is one of my favorites! I mean, what young boy in the ’80s wouldn’t fall in love with a hob carrying some severed heads!!