LE1 - Space Orc

Sculpted by the very talented Bob Naismith.  Here we have what may very well be the very first Citadel Space Orc(k)

It was not until the advent of Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader where Orcs were renamed to Orks.

LE2 - Imperial Space Marine

Also known as a veteran marine.  Another Bob Naismith sculpt – produced in 1984.  As with some limited figures of this era, it was eventually added to the main catalog as can be seen in the 1991 Catalog listed as “Space Marine with Bolter 5”. Games workshop recently did a re-release of this figure to celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2016.

LE3 - Gumshoes

Here we have ‘Gumshoe’ and “Sidekick” part of the Citadel Gothic Horror range to go with their Call Of Cthulhu License (They held this license from 1985-1987). Sculpted once again by Bob Naismith and modeled on James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart.

LE4 - The Black Dwarf

Chaos Dwarf? Pirate? who knows?! Sculpted by Kev Adams and released in 1987.  This menacing chap with a peg leg is a firm favorite amongst collectors.

LE5 - Psychohobbits

Psychohobbits, or also known as “halfling gladiators” I tend to think of them as a couple of regular guys out for some freaky S&M action! (The prickly gimp and his whip-lord) One can only imagine where the pointed implement could be inserted…  Released at the end of 1995 and can be seen in the 1986 New Year flyer

LE6 - Space Santa

Ho Ho Ho

LE7 - Wizard With Sub-Machine Gun

LE7 Text

LE8 - Mc Death's Crazed Caledonians

LE8 Text

LE9 - Space Skeleton

LE9 Text

LE10 - Power Armour Marine

LE10 Text

LE11 - Giant Orc Chief And Bodyguard

LE11 Text

LE12 - Thrud With Axe

LE12 Text

LE13 - Inconvenienced Dwarf

LE13 Text

LE14 - Tinman and Oxy O'Cetylene

LE14 Text

LE15 - Chaos Amazon & The Warlock

LE13 Text

LE16 - Chaos Amazon & The Warlock

LE14 Text

LE17 - Chaos Toilet

LE17 Text

LE18 - Blood Bowl

LE18 Text

LE19 - Thrud with Admirer

LE19 Text

LE20 - Complete Adventurer

LE20 Text

LE21 - The Up the Wall Gang

LE21 Text

LE22 - Orc Bazooka Crew

LE22 Text

LE23 - Chainsaw Wizard

LE23 Text

LE24 - Sleazy Rider

LE24 Text

LE25 - Dwarf with Inferiority Complex and Snotling Sawmaster

LE25 Text